Out-of-Body Syndrome – Short Story (Sci-fi)

“We are so desperate to be accepted by society that we often condemn others for having the same traits we condemn about ourselves.”

Galen shook his head. “What? That’s not true. You’re saying if someone says they hate serial killers that they are secretly serial killers?”

“You asked me why your friends made unfavorable comments to you. You wanted to understand why Read More


Artifact from Another Universe – Short Story

Status alert: IVR-2 has been found on planet 12-Suicury g. Subatomic string scans and history logs provide the following timeline.

High orbit scans suggest the planet was nonvolatile and non-hostile at the time the bot’s capsule crash landed in a valley on the planet’s surface. Local biological scans revealed that the local fauna discovered the crash site and probed the capsule until they unlocked the cryo-sealed exhaust hatch. A primitive bioluminescent species, the natives managed to access the internal cockpit and drag out the bipedal bot. The natives, themselves bipedal in nature, used their primitive tools and webbed appendages to drag the bot from its capsule and back to their cave hovels Read More