Saturday Night Rogues – Short Story (Urban Fantasy)

“We play every Saturday. Always. I’m not going to tell you again. Friday night is too exhausting, after a work week, and Sunday is a religious day.” Keke leaned back on the leather passenger seat, reaching for another beer.

“Religious!” Sonny couldn’t contain his laughter. “I know for a fact that none of you go to church.”

“This is our religion.” Said Mason semi-seriously, taking the key out of the ignition. “We worship at the altar of dungeons and demi-gods. We are the priests of role-playing games and the keepers of multisided die. Read More

Elder Care – Short Story (Horror)

“Those eyes…staring at me in the dark. I can’t bare it anymore. Can you check on them?” Jill was rubbing her shoulder, trying to suppress a chill. Franny knew the expression well, knowing how more and more the senior patients appeared less human. “I don’t know why…something about the night time makes them act strange, makes their minds go to dark places and have weird thoughts. Maybe it’s some sort of cranial enhancement induced dementia. Read More

Sunday – Short Story

Overcast skies. We can breathe again. We can see the sun again, even though it’s what has forced us underground in the first place. The kids can play outside again, at least in the shade of the crumbling New York buildings. The city is a comfortable 100 degrees, enough to sit in the shade for a few minutes. My name is Steven and I’m one of the lucky ones. The unlucky ones are lying in the black pavement, their bones perfectly white. But even the sun can’t kill us all Read More

Sunflower and Jack Frost – Short Story

Cold. Bitter. No warmth even this high up on the mountain top where the sun’s rays should be providing some comfort. The snowcapped valley was behind him and he marveled at how far he had come. How far he had traveled to find his brother. But it was an appropriate place for Jack Frost to hide.

He lifted his hood and exposed his face to sun and accepted the sun’s energy. His head, sparked with fading sparks of the sun, flickered like a dying match. Most humans claimed he resembled a sun emblem or the flower he was named after, but he agreed, being the sun sprite of the might God Helios Read More

Shadow Monster – Short Story

The shadow monster lives in your house

The shadow monster lives in your room.

The shadow monster lives in your bed.

The shadow monster lives in your head

Gloria chanted the stupid poem, trying to freak out her brother. Jacob rolled his eyes pretending not to be scared. The living room was dark, covered in shadows but he didn’t see anything out of the ordinary Read More