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Random images from random external stimuli that have invaded my visual cortex.

Signals from the Fading Vale – Part 3 – Short Story

Glass jars jingled as the fridge flew open and the uncomfortable silence was broken by a cacophony of loose bottles, shuffled Tupperware, and the humming of the fridge fan. Cody could only watch as his brother scrounged for food and sighed when he found nothing he wanted.

Aaron turned with his hood up, “Where’s dad?” The words must’ve created a sour taste in his mouth Read More

Echo in the Mirror – Short Story

The door slammed behind her as Casey arrived home. She didn’t realize she was angry until she slammed her keys on the counter. Maybe she could get a second opinion. The tests they performed were extensive but with something so grave, so terminal, she couldn’t simply trust their diagnosis, not so early in the process.

Her head started to buzz. She couldn’t decide if it was the caffeine or some symptom of the tumor in her head. What better time for the doctor to give her the bad news than after her morning breakfast. She looked at the mess on the counter, the speed in which she had left when they called showed in the residue from the coffee, discarded grounds everywhere. She knew she wouldn’t believe them, the doctor and his nurse, when she had left, and she refused to accept her fate even now Read More

Food Stamps in Space – Short Story

The lines that formed in front of the Food Assistance Center were full of pitiful, haggard faces, their heads covered with hoodies and cerebral helmets even though the city was always warm. Transhumans, at least the ones who lived on the streets, were vilified as “scumbags” and “gangbangers” for their procurement of cheaper, less-stable implants. “Do they really think those helmets are going to give them any advantage?” Tyrius nodded at them, leaning back on the alley wall. “Not like they can compete with a neural enhancement Read More

Ghost-Witch – Short Story

A scratching, scraping sound crawled across the dirt towards Kosumi’s campfire. He couldn’t see through the darkness and rose on bended knee, drawing his tribal bow towards the empty wilderness. His heart raced and his arms ached with intensity. His village had abandoned the dry plains of Wuskama without him. He had to survive the hardships of the wild or he would never find his tribe again. And if he died here tonight, he would never learn the mystery of why they left Read More