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Random images from random external stimuli that have invaded my visual cortex.

Oriental Monster – Short Story

Usually when I have the nightmare I’m sitting in a darkened room, my back against the wall. I see a monster crawling across the floor, scratching over the hardwood with long, straight fingernails. I can’t move, my legs and arms are numb as the monster slowly comes closer. Its eyes pierce the blackness. The monster’s face is obscured but I can see that it has two long fangs, dripping fluid on the floor. It’s repulsive but I can’t look away, a part of me doesn’t want to, like it’s mesmerizing me. My heart swells, my throat tightens. Its eyes start to spin, shining blue, glowing brighter. The monster straightens and stands. At first, it’s about five feet tall. But then its body elongates and it stretches taller above me, growing four feet taller, lurching over me and twitching and pointing its long finger at me. I’m helpless and alone, shrunken in the chair like a scared, little girl. And then I wake up Read More

Worst of Humanity – Short Story

The explosion was deafening and left a column of black smoke in the sky. Another skirmish. Keith’s ears were still ringing as he stood on the apartment balcony, considering whether he should leave the city or stay put, and hope that he would be able to find food and water nearby. Scavengers would be raiding the buildings soon and he would have to defend himself eventually. There were several men down below, running through the streets with rifles, shouting and throwing up hand signals. They were scouts, probably sent this way to make sure there was an escape route available to the gang trapped in the battle happening a few blocks away, where the explosion happened Read More

Signals from the Fading Vale – Part 4 – Short Story


“Dad, the internet’s out again! Can you reboot the router so it can get a new IP address? The memory probably needs to be cleared.” Tonya’s father looked at her like she had three eyes.

He took the tamales off the stove and finally said, “I know you didn’t learn those fancy words in school. How is it you’re only 14 and you know more than me?”

“It’s not hard to look up stuff online, at least when it’s working! ¡Dios mío!” Tonya threw her hands up in defeat. She was in the middle of fighting the final boss in Space Odyssey when the internet crapped out. Her friends were probably wondering why she dropped out of the game Read More

Reptile Dysfunction – Short Story

So yeah, I kinda screwed up…Okay, maybe I screwed up big time. Really, really, REALLY screwed up. But I can’t be the only person who pretended to know what they wanted. I just wanted people to notice me! I just wanted to be a baller! Sipping champagne with the stars and banging super models. I used to get all kinds of play in the rap game, but now…. I don’t think anyone wants to bang me after this…

People used to make fun of my face tattoos but damn — ain’t nobody going to be cool with what I did. You can’t expect people to love you when you’ve turned yourself into a monster but I did, at least in the beginning. It all started when I lost a few thousand followers from a social media post promoting my love for dragons. WTF! Why does that make me weird? Am I not allowed to have other interests than money, bitches, and getting F’d up Read More

Insecurity Blanket – Short Story

“Welcome to Umbrella VR 2.!” the splash screen burned into her retina as she opened her eyes from a groggy sleep. Farah closed her eyes again and waited for the system to boot up. And then smiled when the swatch of colors and ribbons spread apart, displaying the world around her, as she always knew it.

Another beautiful day! The landscape of different fantasy realms stretched out as far as the draw-distance could render in her VR goggles, starting at her feet, extending over the various kingdoms, castles, and floating islands, and ending in a light blue, smog-less sky. She was so thankful that she was given these goggles so many years ago, and thankful even still that they were solar powered so she never needed to take them off Read More