A Quest of Pestilence – Short Story

“Acid rain, the covonic plague, the exodus of wildlife, the goblin hordes; there must be a common cause.” The apprentice held out his hand and cast an illumination spell for Rangvald, probing the darkness of the cavern for dangers.

“If that were true, my brother, the Magistrate wouldn’t send us on these missions. The Lord and Lady of Umbra appointed him for his efficient nature. The evilness that darkens the land is strictly misfortune. Read More

The body in the street – Short Story

May 17th, 1862

At home today. Mommy wants me to keep writing in my diary because she says it promotes creativity. She says it helps to get thoughts out of my head that have been bothering me. Daddy went off to Virginia to fight for our country. With mommy going to see Mr. Daye I’ll be on my own again at home, stuck in my room. All I can do is read and write and this journal. And look out the window. The wagon for Stewart’s Bakery arrives around noontime and there’s a lot of horse and buggy traffic around three. Market Street gets busy when fresh meat is brought in. A bunch of dogs walk in the crowds looking for a bite to eat. Scavengers Read More

We can’t breathe – Digital Art

Black skin should not be a death sentence.

This has been one of the most difficult pieces of art I’ve created. Looking at these men’s faces has left me bitter, angry, cold, hopeless, and helpless. After doing research into the riots for civil rights in this country I never realized how far it went and how go long it’s been going on. Black people have been fighting for their rights to exist peacefully for nearly three centuries and they still have not achieved their goal. White people of authority are killing innocent, loving black men. And it’s getting more frequent. Riots, protests, peaceful or otherwise, marches, and speeches; nothing has cured this nation of it’s unfounded aversion to skin color. These are not foreign members of our society; these are our people, our neighbors, our friends and family. This is our nation. Help stop the endangerment and murder of innocent, black civilians.