Build A Better You – Short Story (Sci-Fi)

“TV rots the brain. The internet corrupts our youth.” The live studio audience laughed and applauded. An amusing juxtaposition to her own situation, considering her mind had been inundated with images of healthy and happy families. The constant flow of morality and good-natured humanity filled her with warmth and benevolence. She surged through the ancient media of mankind’s past and dove even deeper searching for a reason to ignore the bad memories and spiteful thoughts of her own past Read More


VILLIAN – Short Story (Dark Fantasy)

Once upon a time there was a brave knight who prospered from slaying a dragon. He shared his riches with the townspeople, financing the building of a castle, and vowed to defeat the evils of the world. Sir Guyon persevered against great earth-shattering peril, the plots of an evil wizard, and the dark magicks that plagued humankind.

But this is not the tale of prince charming, the oh-so-delicate and pampered son of a king who only wished to continue his father’s reign of genocide and campaign of power. No. This is the tale of a ruthless, cunning, and relatable…


Earthlings at the Faire – Short Story (Sci-fi)

Harrowing screams came from the forest’s edge. Kogi sheltered himself from the bitter lamentations under the leafy brush, his saliva becoming sour, his heart racing. He held his ears shut as much as he could but the screams came through.

Kogi fiddled with the transceiver that would send his discoveries back to Noliesse Servus, his home planet that he missed with terrible angst. Why did he have to be sent to this planet of perpetual tortured and enslaved race? Why were they enslaved to begin with? That had been the question Read More

Bad Trip – Short Story (Horror)

The car sped like a bullet down the perfectly flat and mundane country road. Byron let the acceleration wash over him as the THC soothed him into a heady distortion. Jason was driving and looking just as heady.

“Yo, you ever wonder if it’s scarier to know if there are aliens or know if we’re actually alone in the universe?” The stars seemed to shimmer in the darkness when Jason finally managed to mumble a stoner question after three hours of silence Read More

Out-of-Body Syndrome – Short Story (Sci-fi)

“We are so desperate to be accepted by society that we often condemn others for having the same traits we condemn about ourselves.”

Galen shook his head. “What? That’s not true. You’re saying if someone says they hate serial killers that they are secretly serial killers?”

“You asked me why your friends made unfavorable comments to you. You wanted to understand why Read More

Evensong – Short Story (Dark Fantasy)

It had been a long journey for the people of Anon Dale, who were still winding through the streets of the great city, their candles created a long stream of incandescence from the Ghahil harbor to the Grand Temple of Cultus. Senseless death weighed heavy on them. Their shoulders were burdened with the lost souls of the dark plague sufferers and the war between the East empire and the tribesmen of the South. This wasn’t an evening for sorrow and mourning however. This was a time of spiritual surrender to divine mystery. The evensong Read More

Monsters in the House – Short Story (Horror)

“There’s something in the house. Don’t go up there.” Hilda’s mother whispered while crouched down. “We have to stay in the basement or they’ll get us.”

Hilda couldn’t imagine what was up there, staring up the stairs from the basement but it seemed that her mother could. She held her shoulders tight, her long nails dug into her exposed skin. “But this is our house, mommy. Why can’t we make them go away? Read More

Upside Down – Short Story (Sci-Fi)

Had she been drinking? Head pounding. Skull throbbing. Rachel’s eyes burned when she tried to open them. There was blood on her tongue and a grogginess to her slow morning wake up. She spat dust out when her eyes finally focused and she realized her world had turned upside down, literally.

Staring down at her bedroom flooring she found herself lying flat on the ceiling. Panic set in but not before she saw that her bed was face up (or face down?) only a few feet away. It could’ve crushed her; the wooden frame was embedded into the white ceiling. Who was going to pay for this? Read More

Into the Spider’s Nest – Short Story (Horror)

Stuck in his head, having lost all ties to his friends, and as wired as he was, Brian hadn’t noticed the small land mass coming over the horizon. This new job had netted him some financial gain at least. The helicopter made him feel like a secret agent, even if it was a job to fix cameras for Healthco on their not-so-secret island. It had been better than working as a janitor for big pharma. The electrical engineering degree was finally paying off. Spending some time on a small tropical island wouldn’t be so bad.

Phil chimed in after he noticed Brian crossing his arms contemplating the purpose of the island. “No need to worry, mate. The specimens have their own part of the island. Healthco’s lab is on the west side. You likely won’t even have to leave the facility for any hands-on, camera fixing excursions.”

“I hear they’re bigger than average spiders. What do they eat?”

Read More

Risk of Life – Short Story (Fantasy)

Veila died of natural causes in a hospital back on Earth. Down there her life had been spent giving astrology readings to people who needed direct answers to indirect questions. Looking at the faces of the dead, languishing in the same forms they died in, except in more wispy forms, she tried to read them even now. The woman behind her had red hair and a devious smile. Likely a Scorpio, often flirty and mischievous. A man in a ball cap had several bullet wounds in his chest, a chest that pressed outward. Clearly a Leo, defiant in attitude and outgoing whenever possible, while the man’s son, also appearing to have died from gunshots, was lost in deep thought. Pisces, always lost in deep reflection. These signs had always guided her and offered her steady income throughout her life Read More