Earthlings at the Faire – Short Story (Sci-fi)

Harrowing screams came from the forest’s edge. Kogi sheltered himself from the bitter lamentations under the leafy brush, his saliva becoming sour, his heart racing. He held his ears shut as much as he could but the screams came through.

Kogi fiddled with the transceiver that would send his discoveries back to Noliesse Servus, his home planet that he missed with terrible angst. Why did he have to be sent to this planet of perpetual tortured and enslaved race? Why were they enslaved to begin with? That had been the question Read More


Out-of-Body Syndrome – Short Story (Sci-fi)

“We are so desperate to be accepted by society that we often condemn others for having the same traits we condemn about ourselves.”

Galen shook his head. “What? That’s not true. You’re saying if someone says they hate serial killers that they are secretly serial killers?”

“You asked me why your friends made unfavorable comments to you. You wanted to understand why Read More

Quantum Wet Dreams – Series – Part 3

She didn’t know how far she had fallen or how she manage to sustain no damage or felt any pain. The water at the base of the dark pit sat languid around her upper body. It seeped into her blue dress and washed the grotesque feeling of molestation she sensed inside the slug. Now she only felt the dirty water soaking her lower regions. She moaned for help but found that she was deep underground, the round hole stretching above her like an earthen well.

She stood. Strangely there were metal beams at the base, as if this place were constructed a long time ago to mine minerals Read More

Sunflower and Jack Frost – Short Story (Fantasy)

Cold. Bitter. No warmth even this high up on the mountain top where the sun’s rays should be providing some comfort. The snowcapped valley was behind him and he marveled at how far he had come. How far he had traveled to find his brother. But it was an appropriate place for Jack Frost to hide.

He lifted his hood and exposed his face to sun and accepted the sun’s energy. His head, sparked with fading sparks of the sun, flickered like a dying match. Most humans claimed he resembled a sun emblem or the flower he was named after, but he agreed, being the sun sprite of the might God Helios Read More

Quantum Wet Dreams – Series – Part 2

“Lick, lick, lick, I wished I could have engulfed the mighty appendage. Did I paint an adequate mental image, my dear?” The short man had indeed painted a very nasty picture. One with his body. Another picture with his words. Locus had introduced her miniature friend as Fink, a tattooed and burly human engineer with a lower member that could only be described as cap like, relating to the algaric plant genome, with gills under the head. His other appendages were an amalgamation of steel gears and flesh, his arm being partly exposed. What a strange choice to be part primitive machine and part imp, thought Angel Read More

Radioactive Warlord – Short Story

“We are falling.”

“No. We’re rising.” General Harion held his chin up shifting the cavalry sword at his side.

“Our great nation may be conquering the world but we will have nothing left but mud and dirt. Our planet is becoming one of sorrow. A kingdom of death. Illusia and the rest of Verthurst will never be the same.” Said General Pyre, noticing that the other four generals were just as nervous as him.

General Harion however was the only one in attendance that still wore his decorative eagle helm and chest plate, signaling his defiance of empathy and promoting his loyalty to the nation of Illusia to the others Read More

Phantom Image – Short Story

“It’s an old TV but it still works.” Said his boss. “The guy who owned it died in his living room. His daughter brought it in. A few lines on the top here but its barely noticeable.”

Thomas stared at a blotch on the lower right. It was slightly more noticeable and he questioned whether it was worth the sale price. “What about that?”

His boss rubbed the screen where Thomas pointed and said, “Are you sure it’s not the glare Read More

The Censure Ship – Short Story

Oceanus spread out across the horizon, out beyond the Suffering Bay, as far as Princess Madison could see from this high on the gate’s main tower. The Gods must be happy this day if they blessed her consort with such calm and passive weather. “All immigrant ships should be destroyed.” Bellowed Decius, his haughty royal robes flapping from his gesturing hands. The oceanic winds blew from the distant lands to the west. Only a few immigrant ships from Meternia were allowed through the massive gates of Eurasia. Their flags revealed that they were Perisian in origin, a port in the Black Sea most likely Read More

The Skitters – Short Story

“They lay their eggs in your mouth at night and when the suckers hatch, they crawl inside your body and eat the juiciest parts of you, your muscle.”

“Stop playin'” the bucktooth man didn’t look like a government scientist to Jay. “You ain’t never lived in Middleton and you ain’t probably never worked in no air force base.”

“I may be shady but I’m not a liar.” Said the man most people called Beggar Bob. The abandoned house was starting to get cold. Jay was starting to get used to the smell but not the smell of moldy milk that Bob gave off. “They eat out your teeth first, probably for calcium, and then go right after your muscles, then your bones.” He smiled his gap tooth grin Read More

Monsters of the Metaverse – Short Story

“I’m a bitch and you’re an asshole. There’s no difference between me and you except my gender.” This moron in the blue double-breasted suit was starting to annoy her. “That’s equality for you.”

“Yet you call yourself a business woman, Ms. Quell. Which is it?” Stanley, the mutant blood-sucking, cowardly HR representative was trying her patience.

“Bitch, first. Now get the hell out of my office.” She was gazing at the brainless citizens in the city streets below. Then to the 100-dollar bill in the glass case on her desk Read More