Quantum Wet Dreams – Series – Part 3

She didn’t know how far she had fallen or how she manage to sustain no damage or felt any pain. The water at the base of the dark pit sat languid around her upper body. It seeped into her blue dress and washed the grotesque feeling of molestation she sensed inside the slug. Now she only felt the dirty water soaking her lower regions. She moaned for help but found that she was deep underground, the round hole stretching above her like an earthen well.

She stood. Strangely there were metal beams at the base, as if this place were constructed a long time ago to mine minerals Read More


Quantum Wet Dreams – Series – Part 2

“Lick, lick, lick, I wished I could have engulfed the mighty appendage. Did I paint an adequate mental image, my dear?” The short man had indeed painted a very nasty picture. One with his body. Another picture with his words. Locus had introduced her miniature friend as Fink, a tattooed and burly human engineer with a lower member that could only be described as cap like, relating to the algaric plant genome, with gills under the head. His other appendages were an amalgamation of steel gears and flesh, his arm being partly exposed. What a strange choice to be part primitive machine and part imp, thought Angel Read More

Quantum Wet Dreams – Series – Part 1

“Error. Error. Power source unstable. Life support offline. Trial period is about to expire. Error. Life signs not found…No oxygen found. Attempting to contact Hallett Starship….Attempt failed. Error. Errer found. Recursion error found. Error has reerr9er…Errorer.”

Her eyes blinked to life, mechanical motors clicked when she expanded her retinal apertures. Her stomach churned with the fans placed near her heart to keep it cool. Old but new with life. Angel awoke to find herself faced with several warning messages on the life capsule. “No oxygen found. No life signs found. Are you OK? Errooorrrrr. Press OK if you’re alive. Are…errorr you alive?” She didn’t know if she should. She wasn’t alive. But she wasn’t dead Read More

Haunted Wet Dreams – Series – Part Four

Darkness faded from a pinhole of distant light. Night, in a living room of an old house. I found that I was standing, appreciative of the fact that I was fully clothed. The windows were the only source of illumination from the moon outside. The house itself was not extraordinary. A couch covered in cobwebs, old in style with leather buttons, sat lifeless and dead in the main room, close to a piano shrouded in transparent cotton. Otherwise the place was tidy. I imagined an older couple had lived here before it was abandoned Read More

Haunted Wet Dreams – Series – Part Three

The sticky substance expelled from my throat like a torrent. Visions began again. This time I was prepared for them, knowing that although the pain might have felt real they were only dreams and they wouldn’t leave any lasting damage, other than the quick tearing of the Band-Aid from my mind. My fingers covered my mouth, trying to hide my shame but the substance pushed them away, my eyes watered, and my arms were pulled back behind me, from my own…stomach bile Read More

Haunted Wet Dreams – Series – Part One

Her home base looks ready for my baseball bat. Its solid, sheened thickness is aching to pound her diamond plate. Itching to slip into her glove. I grip my pole and get ready for the pitch. The bang comes and there’s another fantasy.

A man stands in the window of a tall steeple. I see only the steeple, not the man inside, and imagine how I could fuck the sky with the tower, if I had a big enough hand. Or perhaps I’d launch my red rocket and part the skies with friction and a sonic boom, churning my stomach from the acceleration. “Slow down.” Someone shouts, but I can’t Read More