Heliogate – Digital Art

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Quantum Wet Dreams – Series – Part 1

“Error. Error. Power source unstable. Life support offline. Trial period is about to expire. Error. Life signs not found…No oxygen found. Attempting to contact Hallett Starship….Attempt failed. Error. Errer found. Recursion error found. Error has reerr9er…Errorer.”

Her eyes blinked to life, mechanical motors clicked when she expanded her retinal apertures. Her stomach churned with the fans placed near her heart to keep it cool. Old but new with life. Angel awoke to find herself faced with several warning messages on the life capsule. “No oxygen found. No life signs found. Are you OK? Errooorrrrr. Press OK if you’re alive. Are…errorr you alive?” She didn’t know if she should. She wasn’t alive. But she wasn’t dead Read More

Future Crush – Short Story

I couldn’t believe there was a time traveler standing in my living room dressed in what appeared to be space armor, aerodynamic and dark, staring me in the face, blushing and dotting like a shy young girl. But she wasn’t a girl. She was a woman, seemingly lost in admiration in my direction. “You’re from…”

“Yes!” She couldn’t seem to contain her excitement and I couldn’t explain it. Why would anyone from the future want to see me? I was just a random blogger in a dirty neighborhood downtown. I never wanted to live in the city but what was I going to do? I was born here. “You’ve been a hero of mine since I was a young girl growing up in 2150. I had to meet you Read More

Toxic Waste Mutant – Short Story

Garbage, toxic and poisonous, stretched as far as Sylis could see as the hover pod bounced up and down over the uneven terrain. He judged the landfill to be about thirty miles in every direction in this zone. This was the last contaminated zone they would have to visit tonight before the sun came up and the pillars of hazardous vapor could be seen more clearly by the floating cities above Read More

Unpresidented – Short Story

Mankind had a thirst for power that disallowed the liberty of its collective peoples. Individual exultation had afflicted those of lesser importance by the upper classes’ belief that the lower should be controlled and legislated. This philosophy on the laws of nature reached a breaking point when the classes became imbalanced. The people of the lower class far outweighed the smaller upper class. Unforeseen strife followed Read More