Grave Yard Sale – Short Story

“But we don’t have money for plasma.” The old pre-owned wifey-poo was spouting off about the fuel gauge on the pre-owned, self-driving Oldsmobile flyer. They were both staring at individual paper checks each received that day from the Department of Not Wanting To Work, totaling four thousand smackeroos in unemployment wages.

Ernest grabbed a fruit chocolate pastry from the oven below the dash and took a bite. “I had a dream that I should buy a new peanut fluffer.”

“Are you sure it was a dream and not a commercial? Read More


Kingdom of Blame – Short Story

High atop the bough of the tallest viridian tree sat a wise gremlin priestess. She listened to the birds and the wildlife below without the desire to interfere with nature’s splendor. It had been a cold and bitter winter even though the weather should have been warmer, considering that it was springtime. Far to the south was the castle of Bordum, surrounded by a large village. It was modest for a human capital. Around the farthest outskirts the grain silos could be seen stretching their shadowy fingers over the gateway bridges. Read More

Social Media Distancing – Short Story

The virus couldn’t get us if we went outside but only a few of us would venture out into the world, and only for curiosity sake. Cyberspace had never been the same since the bug that killed thousands of internet lives had been unleashed on the world. Leaving the house had been the only means of survival for our digital selves. It had spread far and fast, claiming the virtual lives of men, women, and tele-parented children. We would never feel the same online again Read More

Throwback Transsexual – Short Story

“During the early 21st century another sexual revolution took place that saw the rise of diverse sexual identity. The liberation movement of the previous century, which had been created by marketing companies to advance consumerism, had reduced the populace’s morale apprehensions, including sexism, racism, and classism. Although race, sex, and gender seemed to remain an issue until the 27th century Read More

Quarantine Crisis – Short Story

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are facing an epidemic the country has never seen before. We ask that you stay indoors and only go to the stores when absolutely necessary. It seems that not everyone is taking the quarantine seriously. Wash your hands, stay away from your neighbors, and be cautious about what you eat. There have been disturbing new reports of tainted—” The newscast illuminated the living room in a pale spotlight Read More

Cybersoul – Short Story

I died and only got 3 likes. Everyone else unfollowed me. Should have used a meme. Something with a cat and a halo. Maybe I could have died with a little more flair and added a hashtag. I could’ve jumped off a skyscraper and tap danced into the ground. 

#deathdancer. #photofinish. #yolo.

But my death wasn’t as fun Read More

Rotten – Short Story

Pale, elongated fingers stretched out towards my throat. Fibrous muscles strained on inhuman arms, grasping out for the chance to destroy another human life. It was then that I realized, while hiding in that freezer, that people are really angry when they’re hungry. Especially when it comes to their baser needs. The monster moaned and howled in the same breath, showing its twisted teeth. Someone else’s dried blood was caked on its lips. Bile and intestines dribbled from them. It peered at me from the door, beating and pulling at the meat rack that was blocking the way. I knew what it wanted. It’s what we always want when we’re deprived of nutrients and sustenance. Food Read More