Dragon Vision – Digital Art

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VILLIAN – Short Story (Dark Fantasy)

Once upon a time there was a brave knight who prospered from slaying a dragon. He shared his riches with the townspeople, financing the building of a castle, and vowed to defeat the evils of the world. Sir Guyon persevered against great earth-shattering peril, the plots of an evil wizard, and the dark magicks that plagued humankind.

But this is not the tale of prince charming, the oh-so-delicate and pampered son of a king who only wished to continue his father’s reign of genocide and campaign of power. No. This is the tale of a ruthless, cunning, and relatable…


Evensong – Short Story (Dark Fantasy)

It had been a long journey for the people of Anon Dale, who were still winding through the streets of the great city, their candles created a long stream of incandescence from the Ghahil harbor to the Grand Temple of Cultus. Senseless death weighed heavy on them. Their shoulders were burdened with the lost souls of the dark plague sufferers and the war between the East empire and the tribesmen of the South. This wasn’t an evening for sorrow and mourning however. This was a time of spiritual surrender to divine mystery. The evensong Read More

Ryven: The Dead Killer – Short Story (Dark Fantasy)

“He comes from hell, there’s no doubt about it, from the gates of the underworld itself, where all great and terrible monsters come from.” The slack jawed mercenary took a giant swig, gulping down the mead in his clay cup.

The historian grabbed up his maps, keeping them from the clumsy mercenary. Estion had a hard enough time reading the maps of Old Romany without sloshes of mead on them. “You aren’t listening.” But he should have expected that from loose, unowned soldiers. He corrected his glasses. “Ryven is a sell-sword like yourself, just an ordinary man with extraordinary abilities. Not only does he speak to the divine dead but he slaughters them too, keeps them dead Read More