Too Cleaver by Half – Digital Art

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Monsters in the House – Short Story (Horror)

“There’s something in the house. Don’t go up there.” Hilda’s mother whispered while crouched down. “We have to stay in the basement or they’ll get us.”

Hilda couldn’t imagine what was up there, staring up the stairs from the basement but it seemed that her mother could. She held her shoulders tight, her long nails dug into her exposed skin. “But this is our house, mommy. Why can’t we make them go away? Read More

Into the Spider’s Nest – Short Story (Horror)

Stuck in his head, having lost all ties to his friends, and as wired as he was, Brian hadn’t noticed the small land mass coming over the horizon. This new job had netted him some financial gain at least. The helicopter made him feel like a secret agent, even if it was a job to fix cameras for Healthco on their not-so-secret island. It had been better than working as a janitor for big pharma. The electrical engineering degree was finally paying off. Spending some time on a small tropical island wouldn’t be so bad.

Phil chimed in after he noticed Brian crossing his arms contemplating the purpose of the island. “No need to worry, mate. The specimens have their own part of the island. Healthco’s lab is on the west side. You likely won’t even have to leave the facility for any hands-on, camera fixing excursions.”

“I hear they’re bigger than average spiders. What do they eat?”

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Shadow Monster – Short Story (Horror)

The shadow monster lives in your house. The shadow monster lives in your room. The shadow monster lives in your bed. The shadow monster lives in your head

Gloria chanted the stupid poem, trying to freak out her brother. Jacob rolled his eyes pretending not to be scared. The living room was dark, covered in shadows but he didn’t see anything out of the ordinary Read More

Bad Pillow – Short Story (Horror)

“I will taste your blood, your insides, and your feeble, carnal meat. Delicate things are the easiest to break. Will you bleed yourself to me? It’s on the counter. Grab it! Grab the razor!” The words were like death, menacing and cold. A voice so bass it burned his left ear to listen. It always came so late at night, the voice inside the pillow.

“I’m so tired of waiting and watching. Grab it! Slice yourself open and let me feed upon your mortal essence Read More

Phantom Image – Short Story

“It’s an old TV but it still works.” Said his boss. “The guy who owned it died in his living room. His daughter brought it in. A few lines on the top here but its barely noticeable.”

Thomas stared at a blotch on the lower right. It was slightly more noticeable and he questioned whether it was worth the sale price. “What about that?”

His boss rubbed the screen where Thomas pointed and said, “Are you sure it’s not the glare Read More