Too Cleaver by Half – Digital Art

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Earthlings at the Faire – Short Story (Sci-fi)

Harrowing screams came from the forest’s edge. Kogi sheltered himself from the bitter lamentations under the leafy brush, his saliva becoming sour, his heart racing. He held his ears shut as much as he could but the screams came through.

Kogi fiddled with the transceiver that would send his discoveries back to Noliesse Servus, his home planet that he missed with terrible angst. Why did he have to be sent to this planet of perpetual tortured and enslaved race? Why were they enslaved to begin with? That had been the question Read More

Bad Trip – Short Story (Horror)

The car sped like a bullet down the perfectly flat and mundane country road. Byron let the acceleration wash over him as the THC soothed him into a heady distortion. Jason was driving and looking just as heady.

“Yo, you ever wonder if it’s scarier to know if there are aliens or know if we’re actually alone in the universe?” The stars seemed to shimmer in the darkness when Jason finally managed to mumble a stoner question after three hours of silence Read More